Friday, 21 March 2008

ive been in a land of pillows and feather doonas.
out of the last 48 hours i swear ive spent 30 in bed.
how naughty am i?
especially since id planned that i would make
art art art.
instead i made sleep sleep sleep.

i also hung out with claire's dad and his wife anna.
we took them to the Jamaican restaurant and ate goat curry.
it tasted like beef.

it's getting ever colder here in edinburgh, almost
getting frost-bite from the pavement.
and the time is creeping close for me to get my new
room. then i promise to make things.

and on a personal note, i have to say, that im
fairly due proud of me and claire.
no fites for a WHOLE WEEK.
big pats on the backs to us!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

i think i have to get serious and act a tad like an adult.
that's what 23 is making me feel.
but things are going swimmingly swimming too much in my head,
dawdling and pretending.
but i think it's healthy.
im getting the feeling that it's almost art making time.
my fingers are all prickly and excited.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

so as i promised, some fotos.
i had to steal the cord from claire, and sneak out of the house to
post these.
they're all a bit self obsessed but who isnt these days?

it is freaking cold here, but it's better that way.

so im in love.
with the girl who's got the red x on her face.
it's a bit serious, even though she doesnt know.

aside from that, ive delveloped numerous crushes and managed to get one's girlfriends to hate me. i think ive been rather successful.

it's alone time now, and the house feels really empty and im having to find things to do by myself. im getting rather bored. lots of thinking and making.
(once i get my fone connector to the internet thing to work there'll be fotos.)

Sunday, 2 March 2008

so i got a tattoo.
not the one i wanted at the time, that was too big,
but i got one that i wanted later.
so it worked out in the end.

and by the way, to all of you (and you know who you are..) thanks to you,
i was thinking it wouldnt hurt, just scratches.
all of you.
it hurt.

but i didnt cry. so you can kiss that.

(i miss you all too)