Thursday, 23 April 2009

you're all i can think about.

and holga part tw0.

holga part one

it's good to be back.

party, party.

Monday, 13 April 2009

i feel all weird.
like im inside a bubble and there's this "thing"
that makes everything funny. it feels like im in a never ending laugh-a-thon.
im not even on drugs.
is this what people call...."happiness"?
i can even listen to music that i couldnt before
because of a heart-break i never told anyone about,
but had still managed to attatch music too.
now i think my hearts kinda almost on the up.
im gross positive now. ew.
nah, lets get realistic.
i think i just feel a bit better, after some news, a new fulltime job, and
a few new (and old) crushes
to buzz around in my head.
one of you are straight and the other has the wrong bits.
but hey, i can still think about you,
i just dont think about those parts.