Tuesday, 12 February 2008

these are strange days. hopping from one train
of thought to another. sometimes the edges get blurred
and i almost forget where i am.
im not at all ungrateful or sorry (accept for the aboriginals back home, bloody brilliant australia [ahem, the government] said sorry!)
im not angry or upset. but i am feeling a bit weird, like i should be feeling these things but im not. and then i remember that i dont give a shit and neither should you, or you or you. i have to keep remembering that im only 23, ive got a year to go before i have to leagally go home, and that im enjoying being ambitionless (which by the way, is technically an ambition, just dont tell me...) i can wake up and not feel obligated to thinking of you or of me and you or of no-longer me and you (bu, i think we're gonna ace this, just you wait) it's kind of a little cool thing, to not feel obliged. and you all know what i mean...

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