Tuesday, 8 April 2008

so i feel miserable.
just plain old grey-stockings miserable.
it doesnt help that the day's grey, and everyone else is grey.

i wish i could get a sheet and turn myself into a ghost. that way i'd be invisible and no one would know i was around.
rite now i think i'd prefer it, i dont want people starring at me because they think coffee is super fast and that i am a hindu god with a gazillion arms, i dont want people thinking im well pissed at them when actually it's either my bloody damn resting face or im stressed about things the size of the planet and they're not even on it, and i especially want to be invisible from you, but i think i already am. (ok ok, i know that's harsh but i will be soon and it makes me cry.)

so im going to go home, find a sheet and forget to cut eye holes until i have to leave to go serve twat-suit-wanker people coffee they wont even appreciate.

hoo. ray.

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