Tuesday, 20 January 2009

the things that bugged me today.
in dot form;

. get up early for an "interview" that wasnt really an interview
. it was too hot from the word go
. im not sure that of the 9 or so C.V.s i handed out, any will get back to me
. and because no one got back to me today, it means i have to go out again tomorrow and sell my soul
. i got even more bugged at how im always annoyed at how uncomfortable i can make myself feel
. i got two big muther-fucker blisters on my feet
. i saw a picture of two brides getting married and i came over all sweet and syrupy like i want to get married!
. no, i think that last one was the cherry. WEIRD.

now im thinking about the last one too much. but it's kinda like one of those thoughts in your head
that makes you think it's all gone, but really it's just hiding behind the couch.
but honestly!
ok, so, maybe it's just me feeling all lonely and nostalgic for the future.
but then again....gah! im going to stop this right now.

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