Tuesday, 3 February 2009

it's not fair.
iheart the snow,
and iheart edinburgh.
but 45 degrees celsius sucks bum.
give me frostbite any day.


Miss A said...

I walked home in the snow, from the Parliament to Portobello. It was amazing, I was covered in snow and my skin stung so bad from the cold it went hot. The snow melted and refroze on my lumberjack jacket. My boots left heavy holes in the blank slate white.

I don't want to go home.

I sent you something to your new address too.

Miss A x

i'm feeling this now said...

i want to be in the snow!
but i guess sometimes summer is fun.
you come here and we have fun.
im sending you somehitng too....but what address? would super fast mail make it in time to catch you?

Miss A said...

super fast? probably not. I'm outta here on the 15th of Feb to stay with a friend. Maybe a surprise for me if I make it home?