Friday, 15 August 2008

(i know i keep re-using my old fotos from old posts but my new cable is so crap.)

at the time, when these fotos were taken, things were (at least i think) a big sign about the hard months to come.
and i didnt pay any attention even though she did.
i had one of them epiphany's last nite, not that i kinda didnt have thoughts like it before.
and though im not entirely sure i want to put this in here, i do know i want a hard-copy-kinda version of it.
i realised that my pride is bigger than i thought and that i was actually being very cruel.
i think that i only had one chance in the universe to repair it with her.
im so glad that we stayed and talked it over.
i dont think that either of us has as heavy boots anymore,
we're starting to sew little new seeds into each other's birdseed shirts.

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