Monday, 11 August 2008

last nite, at work, it dawned on me, i dont ever want to be a waitress.
it sucks bum. i think that when i get home to lovely melbourne,
im gonna save my arse off working as a dish pig. maybe.
ideally i would love to be one of those awesome baristas but hey,
in reality my coffee is acceptable.

but yeah, lovely melbourne, so so...
( i know these fotos are from one of my begining posts but hey, im recycling)
and mr. bone.
i am very happy that you have somehow gained the power within
and remembered how to email and reply.
makes me full of happiness stuff.

on another very different note,
something very, ah,
interesting happened the other nite..
not that im going to mention it here....
but it's given me some nice new thoughts in my brain.

rite homo home now...

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