Monday, 15 June 2009

today was like every other day.
i got up, i blundered around, i made lots of coffees for strangers, i thought about things
and i day dreamed as much as humanly possible.
but then it kinda wasnt. it went a little weird around 1pm.
it started, you started.
you flooded my day dreams.
no you keep flooding my day dreams.
you're drowning me and i dont even know you.
i will never know you.
and that's not fair.
it's what eats me up.
self-created acid.

one day, i hope to leave this head of mine,
even just for a walk around a boring calm garden (like the ones at hospitals),
just to know what it feels like to be detatched from my overly imaginative feelings.
just for an hour or two.
thats all.

but back to me drowning in you.
(sometimes i feel like i over use that word.
but it's like a magnet;
its the north pole and i am it's south.)
but the you i am swimming in.
swimming like i have no cares,
you take my mind away,
but yet you bomb it right back reality.
and this is where the tough part starts.
i dont know you,
how could i ever know you when you
live in the biggest city of all.
i think ive given too much away.
(but for what? the fear that someone mite think im a weirdo?)

all i know is that i wont be able to help myself in my day dreams.
you'll waltz in and i'll go limp.
the end.
that's me, done.
be nice and let me know you know me.
for real.

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