Tuesday, 24 June 2008

off to see tegan and sara in glasgow tomorrow.
how exciting.
there's other more exciting news
that's for me to know and you all to find out.

i've got two days off to try and avoid thinking about loads of stuff.
it's back-log of shit.
so im going to do my best and avoid it.
id rather spend my time thinking of much nicer things and try to learn to behave myself.
one day i want to live up to that kimya dawson lyric that's something about not ruining the fun with your friends.
i get so sick of being a shithead. i pissed off on my friends again last nite.
dear oh dear. what a waste huh?
and here i am feeling all miserable about the fact that i do have to go home soon,
and im still being stupid and running away on them.
though there are a few reasons, (but hey, lets not go into that!)

im pretty much freking out about home.
it's a reality-facer.
it's absolutely scary.
im not going to be ready,
not at least to have to leave here and everyone and then have to go cold turkey again.
it was crap the first time.
i am secretly looking forward to it.
the sun, the fun, the streets, my lovely old friends,
the food, the coffee the art, the houses, the super-duper trendy people,
and the fact i wont have to move country again...

(also, i need to stop thinking about something...)


Pip said...

When do you go back? Do we get to see your little face before that??

i'm feeling this now said...

yeah, hopefully! im looking at maybe heading to india with a few friends here around september/october??
but yeah,when do your faces turn up here?xxxx