Tuesday, 10 June 2008

so i feel kinda like this today,
like im dead still,
for my lovely strawberry plant to sprout
and my cute bunny friends to hop along and say hey.
but on the brighter side, this dood's drawings http://danmccarthy.org (eps. the dino's!) are so hot, they make my heart skip!

so im gonna head to my wee room and hangout with myself, see if i can actually (wait for it) make some thing close to art.
we'll see. ..

(i'd like to thank you for resting my crazy thoughts today too, was really nice to know im not a loser no one wants to know. )


Pip said...

We don't get to the northern hemisphere until the 12th now, thursday.
I fucked up.

i'm feeling this now said...

haha. that's so funny! wat a poo though! ah well soon enough...when do you think you'll be back in the uk? you coming up scotland way?