Tuesday, 17 June 2008

sometimes i think i shock myself and then i dont.
im not suprised at all by anything that goes on in my brain anymore.
maybe that's a good thing.
and the thing im thinking of is a good thing.
very great awesome un-suprising good thing.
(if only i saw them more often.
i'd also put in a link but i dont think it's wise
considering a certain person who reads this blog
and who she may or may not show...)

other stuff becomes easier.
and i think about the future alot.
i want to make like a baby room for it, so it has somewhere nice to sleep and stew so that when it's time does come,
it wont be so weird and un-organ-ised.
i feel like an expectant parent. ew.

but, somethings do still stay in my head and my heart.
i miss you, and you, and you, and you two, and him, and him too.
and strangely enough you and things.
i often wonder where a person's heart holds all this "stuff".
like, where the fuck does mine store all of my shit and good stuff?

however, i do know that right now, i think i want to go on a tropical holiday with douglas coupland.
what a funny dood. and what a funny holiday.

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