Monday, 21 July 2008

boxwars lastnite!! so sooo much fun.
even though there was way too much rum and sweaty punks.
but we all secretly love it.

running to this big, big white place feels far more important, more important than heading back to reality. and im wondering would it be such a bad idea? to just make a few-years detour away from my big red place? to try to put off what lies waiting for me? in this day and age, where people can do more of what they want to do (i guess in a way of self-preservation), why do i still feel like im not doing the "right thing" in this part of my life. not you know, getting my life all set up and shit.

honestly, my dont-give-a-fuck-mode is stronger than ever before. and for me, this is potentially the best thing i could ever do.

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