Wednesday, 16 July 2008

most of my daydreams these days seem to be set in canada. it just keeps popping up and sending me secret messages telling me to go there.
(i think it's working). and so im now online looking at visas and the cities and flights in a year or so's time. i have a sneaky feeling that im getting all serious about it. look at the pictures, it's vancouver in winter! (i think all my snow dreams are going to come true!)

i think im going to explode for excitement!


Emma said...

that's so gorgeous - rob and i have been thinking about going there for ages - you should definitely do it! then I'd have an excuse to go :)

i'm feeling this now said...

yeah the fotos are hot arent they? makes me all shivery! man, im so childish-ly excited! i dreamt about my life id make there and then when i woke up i felt like crying cos i wasnt there anymore. silly i know. but yeah, im thinking of getting the same visa for there, and you can get it more than once as well. maybe i'll find some shit hot lovely lady to marry and stay there. (that's if i like it) if im there i would expect a visit. some friends here want to go to so...
but i really want to got to japan too...!