Monday, 7 July 2008

ive been in my head so much in the last few days if not ages and i think im ok now.
i think ive sorted some things and come to realise some others.
its such a good feeling.
ive always enjoyed being alone, never really had a problem with it if it was of my own free will.
but like everyone, i suffer from super bad loneliness.
but it's ok, once i can remember my end goal, im ok.
and that end goal isnt so hairy-scary anymore.
it's the waiting thats more likely to kill me.

i just wish somethings couldve been easier or just plain better.
and i wish that having to say goodbye to the important people never has to happen,
because that's the part that i dread the most.
the goodbye.
im going to miss the important people and it's gonna rip my heart out.

(image credit to: colin blakey and

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