Thursday, 31 July 2008

so, like ive decided that i just cant compete against all the other blogs i read with their "daily-outfit".
i just cant,
i wear all my clothes nearly all the time.
so i could only really do a "monthly-outfit".
and that kinda defeats the purpose right?

so, instead, im doing something like so way cooler.
im going to take a polaroid for everyday i have left in edinburgh.
yep, right till the very end in november.
woo hoo.
(ive got a few already, but because of break-ups i had to forfeit my beloved phone connecter cord to the compy. so when i can find a new one they'll be up faster than flash lightening!)

im so, like, excited right now.


Emma said...

hehe it's not a competition! but shit yeah, how exciting!

i'm feeling this now said...

what do you mean it's not a competition????
ah, emmy-poos, i think if you have an attitude like that you're gonna so end up last!
i still havent gotten a damn connector cord thing! so i think there's gonna be like a million polaroids before i can actually do anything.
how's melbo?xxxxx