Saturday, 12 July 2008

so as i promised.. i actually made some start on some kind of thing close to maybe art... bot very good but at least i did something.

on the other hand, i googled my blog and! it came up with some of my post's! im finding it slightly creepy...
adn last nite was totally random. spent nearly 4 quid on one pint (hello posho hotel bar never to see me again) and then saw the ever-sexy har-mar-superstar. absolutely hot stuff he is. especially his sweaty man boobs. then boogied till dawn to walk into work hungover a few hours later.

and then my crush came in today.. they're not been in for like so long! and i lost my ability to hold my cool and went all weirdo. doh! but they're so canada-cool. i crush-love them.

i think im going to start blogs for all of the secretly important people. one's already started and ended right next door! ( ) not sure how im going to keep them away from a certain few prying-internet-stalking-eyess (you so know who you are! even if one may be for you.)

we'll see..

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